Bobby Holcombe
Knoxville Endurance

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Bobby is the owner of Knoxville Endurance which works with athletes trying to run anything from a 5k to a marathon. We also provide coaching services to youth and triathletes. Bobby also coaches Cross Country and Track at the Webb School of Knoxville. Bobby is originally from Jamestown, TN, and is currently living in Knoxville TN for the last 30 years.

WHY BOBBY IS WALKING: Bobby really believes we need to be aware of the domestic abuse that damages many every year. We need to have a safe haven for everyone to come to. The cost to have so may involve help and keeping paying for operating costs can be really tough. If we come together we can help the shelter continue to provide a safe place for many but maybe even enhance and build on what Safe Haven Shelter has to offer.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR BOBBY AS YOUR 2021 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? For years I've worked on my calves by getting in the weight room and running 100's of miles a month. This is my one shining moment to show the world how wonderful my legs would look in heels.