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Robert Cadwalader

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Robert is a retired biochemical engineer and CEO who recently moved to Tellico Village from the Chicago area and is now appreciating the beauty of eastern Tennessee.  He is enjoying the people, the culture, and many outdoors activities the region offers.  He is a recent widower and is navigating the change from 45 years of marriage to being single again.

WHY ROBERT IS WALKING: First, I want to do something to help make a difference in the community.  Second, I have personally known three woman who have suffered physical abuse in their relationships and know a bit about their struggle to free themselves from this very nasty situation.  These woman required refuge and found it difficult to get the help and support they needed.  Third, Iva's Place can provide this kind of refuge and support this badly needed, and I want to help make this needed support possible for any of the struggling individuals in our community.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR ROBERT AS YOUR 2022 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? I personally feel all the men participating in this excellent fund raiser should be Mr. Hunks in Heels for just putting on and trying to wear these heels.  To the women of the world, I humbly state my deepest respect in your ability to wear so elegantly and skillfully these "XXXX" heels.

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