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Bing Fu

BIO/INTRODUCTION:  Bing was born and raised in Oak Ridge, TN. In addition to working as an account rep for WillScot Mobile Mini, he is a professional actor and model with appearances in titles such as Black Panther and Outer Banks. You can see him in a new film, “Baseball with Dad” premiering at the Knoxville Film Festival on September 16th.

WHY BING IS WALKING: As someone who has known many friends and significant others who have gone through considerable stress as victims of domestic violence, this is a cause that I believe is still underserved and often under publicized today. As such I believe that every little bit of help we can generate from our community will go a long way towards getting these folks the shelter and assistance they need.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR BING AS YOUR 2022 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? I have never worn a pair of heels ever before trying them on for this event. As you can imagine, finding a heel that fits a size 12 wide foot is pretty difficult! But I think everyone will be impressed with not only my ability to walk in a 6” stiletto heel, but in my fashion sense as well!

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