Nathan Wilson

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Nate is a transplant to East Tennessee having moved from Southern West Virginia in 2016. He is a loan officer for Mortgage Investors Group at the Parkside Branch and provides home loans to all profiles of buyers including first time homebuyers, investors, and veterans. He enjoys time with family, participating in sporting events and live entertainment especially stand-up comedy.

WHY NATHAN IS WALKING: Prior to entering the mortgage industry I was an in-home salesman. In that environment I met a lot a wonderful people and kind families, however I was also exposed to people who felt trapped and living in fear for themselves and their children. I am walking to help end domestic violence and to provide an avenue of freedom from all forms of abuse.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR NATHAN AS YOUR 2021 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? #GoldPumps – I mean, seriously, I’m wearing golden mountains!