Paul Curtis
Candidate for Sheriff, Loudon County

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Paul is a 21-year law enforcement veteran with 19 of those years serving at the Loudon County Sheriffs Office (LCSO). His law enforcement career has been filled with accomplishments he has been blessed to experience. Paul developed one of the nation's best K9 units while at LCSO; and he directed the LCSO narcotics unit removing dangerous drug traffickers from our community. Paul is currently a candidate for sheriff of Loudon County and looks forward to leading the men and women of the sheriff's office to provide the best possible service and protection our community deserves.

WHY PAUL IS WALKING: I am proud to be a part of a collective effort to ensure victims of domestic violence in our community that there are alternatives and resources to stop further victimization from mental and physical abuse. As a law enforcement officer, I have witnessed many who clearly felt they had no alternative but to remain in an abusive relationship. With help from Iva's Place and more of us in the community, we can save lives and livelihoods.

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR PAUL AS YOUR 2021 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? The old saying is true, "dogs are a great judge of character." Vote for the REAL dog whisperer.