Taz Cable

BIO/INTRODUCTION: East Tennessee Native, TAZ CABLE, recently returned home. He brings with him a very successful radio show, TAZ LIVE & radio station, OXB Radio that is managed under his production company Obnoxious Behavior Productions. Taz works closely with singers and songwriters giving them a platform to showcase their music. OXB Pros, OXBradio.com, TAZ Live give over 55% of all ad packages to charities like, The Lost Vets Rescue, Songwriters Festivals, Louisiana Relief & musch more. As an emcee and DJ Taz is able to offer his services for organizations like Iva’s House, KAMA and much more. 

WHY TAZ IS WALKING: I was bullied most of my childhood for things that I didn’t understand. That abuse caused me to make horrible decisions with friends and relationships. Even in business. I am honored to walk with pride that I made it to a point in my life that I can give back. If my walking in heels allows just one person the opportunity to “get it together” for themselves then I’ll take a little toe pressure to give them some relief in life. 

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR TAZ AS YOUR 2021 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? I mean why would you not vote! $250 donations and I will DJ a party for you for free for three hours.