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Iva’s Place presents the Annual 

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100% of proceeds to benefit victims of domestic violence being serviced at Iva's Place. 

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Iva’s Place will host our annual Hunks In Heels fundraiser on Thursday, September 28th at The Venue in Lenoir City, Tennessee. This event will prove to be an insightful and lighthearted occasion to bring awareness to the community. An opportunity to “step up, shoe up, and speak up” on behalf of abuse victims and their children as well as start conversations related to the causes and effects of domestic violence and the remedies offered through our programs. 

        Date/Time: Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM 

Location: The Venue | 7690 Creekwood Park Bldv, Lenoiry City, TN 37772

Reservations: Please make reservations online or by calling 865-816-3481. Reservations for individual are $75.00, Table of 10 reservations are $700. Reservations include two drink tickets per person.


2024 Hunks in Heels signed calendars will be on sale.   


Thank You To Our Sponsors

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Hunk Leaderboard

Show these heroes your support by voting for this year's Hunk In Heels!

*Votes are not automatically updated | Last updated 9.28.23 at 12:00AM EDT

Current Votes:


Jay Cash

Well first of all, I am dieting so I can be more "Hunky" and less "Chunky" in my heels so that should be enough to get me tons of votes. Secondly, I am probably going to need physical therapy after walking in the heels I have chosen. Lastly, a vote for me is a vote for all the over 50 crowd still out there doing challenging adventures.

Current Votes:


Connor Buis

Simple, HUNK is defined as a large piece of something, especially food. I don't know of a better definition for Connor Buis than a large chunk of food. PLUS, come on, wait until you see those heels!

Current Votes:


Patrick Durham

It's not the show, it's how I'm walking in it. Mr. Hunks In Heels 2023 needs to be ready to carry that title all year long!

Current Votes:


Matt Baldwin

You want your kids to get good grades, don't you?

Current Votes:


Tanner Mashburn

I decided to put on my shoes and "walk the walk" to do my small part in helping this amazing organization. It's crucial to raise awareness for this community group that's empowering survivors to regain their independence. Their efforts are making a significant impact, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to assist them however I can.

Current Votes:


Christopher Law

As your "Mr. December," although I may be elf sized, I will stand tall(er) on these heels. I can promise you this, if you vote for me, I'll make sure you make it on the nice list for Christmas this year.

Current Votes:


Javier Mercado

You should vote for me to be Mr. Hunks In Heels because while I do not believe I look good in heels, I am willing to make a change and bring more awareness to domestic violence while wearing heels.


Vote for your favorite

  • Online voting is open from Aug 24 - Sep 27, 2023

  • Each dollar donated is equal to one vote 

  • Winning titles include: 

  1. Mr. Hunk in Heels

  2. Mr. Attitude with Altitude 

  3. Best in Shoe

  4. Crowd Favorite

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