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Patrick Durham
DJ | Party Boys

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Although born and raised in Knoxville, Patrick has family all over Tennessee and Florida. He lives with his smokeshow of a wife, Kristy, their firecracker kid, Luke, and two cats: Walker and Texas Ranger. When he's not rocking dance floors at weddings, Patrick enjoys finding new party adventures for the family. 

WHY PATRICK IS WALKING: I'm walking for all the stories I've heard and all the ones that haven't been told. Abuse comes in many forms and no one deserves to endure any of it. 

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR PATRICK AS YOUR 2023 MR. HUNK(S) IN HEELS?  It's not the show, it's how I'm walking in it. Mr. Hunks In Heels 2023 needs to be ready to carry that title all year long! 

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