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Jay Cash 
East Region Team Coordinator | Child Protective Services

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Jay lives in Roane County with his wife, Michelle Cash. He works for the Department of Children's Services as a Team Coordinator for Child Protective Services serving in the East Region. Jay Cash has two adult children, Noah and Emily Cash and is the father-in-law to Kesney Cash. Noah and Kesney just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Jay enjoys traveling with his wife, cheering on the Volunteers in every sport and going to watch the Pittsburg Steelers once a year.

WHY JAY IS WALKING: Jay has worked in Child Welfare for over 20 years, including times with the Department of Children's Services, as a service provider to families with Camelot Care Centers, and also as a Youth Minister. Throughout these years, he has seen the devastation brought on to families that have or are experiencing domestic violence. He is walking to bring a light to the problem and help raise money for Iva's Place as a way to help break the cycle of abuse. In many cases, the cycle is generational, so it is imperative to provide a safe place for families to break away from that abuse and ot have support that will enable change that will carry on for children now and in the future. 

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR JAY AS YOUR 2023 MR. HUNK IN HEELS?  Well first of all, I am dieting so I can be more "Hunky" and less "Chunky" in my heels so that should be enough to get me tons of votes. Secondly, I am probably going to need physical therapy after walking in the heels I have chosen. Lastly, a vote for me is a vote for all the over 50 crowd still out there doing challenging adventures.

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