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Connor Buis
Customer Relations  | Bin There Dump That

BIO/INTRODUCTION: Connor Buis or better known as "that trashy guy", is a East Tennessee native. During the day he rents the best roll-off dumpsters in all of Knoxville. In his spare time he enjoys cooking southern comfort food and being outdoors with his wife, Sarah, Son Raliegh (2 years old) and "dog"ter, Dolly Parton. 

WHY CONNOR IS WALKING: For those of you who know Connor, you know he is an avid networker. After being volunteered for Hunks In Heels, like any responsible hunk, he educated himself in domestic violence and found that 1 in 3 women have experienced some kind of domestic abuse. Any way to help bring not only awareness to the issue but also provide funding for programs like Iva's Place is worth any heckling received. 

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR CONNOR AS YOUR 2023 MR. HUNK IN HEELS? Simple, HUNK is defined as a large piece of something, especially food. I don't know of a better definition for Connor Buis than a large chunk of food. PLUS, come on, wait until you see those heels! 

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